Sometimes less is more

This post marks the official release of the filter module. Download it from github.

The biggest change from the previous version is that I decided to drop the support for running a webservice (advertised in a previous post). That feature was a distraction from the main idea of the module—make running external programs inside ConTeXt dead simple. If you were using that feature, do not panic. It is still available in a separate branch and I will try to maintain it as much as possible. I might also, perhaps, write a separate module to support web filters in the future.

Unlike traditional ConTeXt modules, the documentation is not a PDF file; rather it is available as a plain text README file, which is more accessible and easier to maintain.

Apart from dropping a feature and adding documentation, rest of the module is same. I had originally planned to use the new automated namespace feature to clean up the internals of the module, but \definenamespace works only with MkIV. I saw no reason to break the support for MkII. So, the internals still use the verbose manual name spaces. But that should not deter you from using the module. Go ahead, download it, and enjoy!