Look before you leap — especially if you are going to jump over others

Today I got 120 odd emails from ISIT. Yes, that is right. 120. All were like this


The IEEE Information Theory Society and the Technical Program Committee of ISIT 2010 encourage authors to post preprints of their submitted papers on the arXiv (http://www.arXiv.org/) preprint server at the time of submission. More information can be found at http://www.itsoc.org/publications/arxiv

If you would like to link your arXiv submission to your ISIT 2010 paper
record for


for display on the ISIT 2010 website before the symposium begins, you may do so by clicking the following link:


You may alternatively link to a longer version of your ISIT paper. This does not necessarily have to be on arxiv. You can link to any online version.

We feel that this will make it easier for the attendees to browse the technical program and read the papers prior to the symposium, thereby enriching their interaction with the authors at the symposium.

Please note that this action is entirely optional.

ISIT 2010 Program Chairs

A noble cause, gone horribly wrong. I suspect someone did not check the automated script and instead of sending emails to individual authors, all emails went to all authors.

As a result, they also had to disable the link to add an arxiv update, and will probably send a whole bunch of emails again. Shudders.

Instead of soliciting preprints from all the authors, wouldn’t it make it easier for attendees to browse the technical program and read the papers prior to the symposium if the organizers simply included a link to the submitted papers? Oh, the irony.