Chasing a moving target

The CDC 2010 deadline has been extended again, this time to April 2nd. First it was March 15th (the call for papers still says March 15th), then it got extended to March 30th (today), and now it has been extended to April 2nd. Seriously, why do conference organizers have to extend the submission deadline? I have heard that sometimes small conferences extend the submission deadline if they fail to receive sufficient papers. But surely a mammoth like CDC (last time I checked it had 1500 participants; my submitted paper has a submission number in late 900s) cannot have that problem. And this is not the first time that CDC has done this. I think that last year the deadline got extended by a month. Why?

I suspect that such extensions are requested by some big and powerful people who could not submit their papers on time. I cannot figure any other logical explanation 😦