Pacman, don’t eat my disk space

I run Arch Linux on my laptop that has a 100GB disk with a 15GB partition for /, a 15GB partition for /opt and the remaining 70GB for /home. Recently I ran out of disk space on /. First I thought that this was due to a huge browser cache (in opera, my temporary download directory is set to /tmp/opera/downloads which can get really big). Clearing up the /tmp did not help, and I went on a wild goose chase of figuring out which directory was hogging disk space. The culprit: /var/pacman/cache/pkg.

pacman, the arch package manager, keeps a cache of all packages it downloads! Over the last year or so that I have been running Arch, this directory had become huge, taking over 5GB of space. I do not want a cache of all package that I ever downloaded. I bit of hunting through the man pages revealed the right options.

pacman -Sc

which removes all the uninstalled packages from the cache. After that, /var/cache/pacman/pkg is at a bearable 2.5GB. I also learnt that if I ever need more disk space, I can run

pacman -Scc

which will remove all packages from pacman cache.


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